Weekly Quiz – w/c 21/09/2020

Hello again and welcome to the weekly quiz! This post contains my 7 weekly questions, followed by the answers. Good luck everyone!


  1. What did the discovery of the Rosetta Stone enable us to do?
  2. What famous words were spoken by Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon?
  3. How long was the Hundred Years War?
  4. What was Richard I of England better known as?
  5. What happened to the ship, the Mary Celeste?
  6. Who was the last Pharoah of Egypt?
  7. What happened in St Peter’s Field, Manchester, on 16th August 1819?


  1. Decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  2. That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.
  3. 116 Years
  4. Richard the Lionheart
  5. Was found abandoned, her crew vanished
  6. Cleopatra VII
  7. Peterloo Massacre