Weekly Quiz – w/c 15/06/2020

Hello again and welcome to the weekly quiz! This post contains my 7 weekly questions, followed by the answers. Good luck everyone!


  1. What is the name of the famous song sung by Vera Lynn in World War 2?
  2. In the Inkheart books, what power does Mo ‘Silvertongue’ have?
  3. What game developer made the Dark Souls games?
  4. In Harry Potter, what are the three Deathly Hallows?
  5. In Ready Player One, what is the virtual world called?
  6. In Thunderbirds, who mans Thunderbird 5?
  7. In Stingray, what were the enemy submarines known as?


  1. We’ll Meet Again
  2. Read things out of books
  3. From Software
  4. Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, Cloak of Invisibility
  5. The Oasis
  6. John Tracy
  7. Terror Fish