Weekly Quiz – w/c 03/08/2020

Hello again and welcome to the weekly quiz! This post contains my 7 weekly questions, followed by the answers. Good luck everyone!


  1. In Friends, what names appears on Chandlers TV guide?
  2. In Aliens, what is the name of the colony on LV-426?
  3. Who Captain’s the USS Enterprise in the pilot episode of Star Trek?
  4. In the first (non-mini series) episode of the Battlestar Galatica remake, how long does it take the Cylons to catch up to them after they jump?
  5. Name the bird in the Hunger Games, which becomes the symbol of the revolution.
  6. Who played the 12th Doctor in Doctor Who?
  7. In Thunderbirds, what is the drilling machine called which is usually carried in Pod 5?


  1. Miss Chanadler Bong
  2. Hadley’s Hope
  3. Pike
  4. 33 minutes
  5. Mockingjay
  6. Peter Capaldi
  7. The Mole