Life Story: When things just line up perfectly

You know those moments in life where things just line up perfectly? No? Yeah they don’t happen often, but when they do its glorious!
So in December of 2015 we realised to our horror that we had missed Florence and the Machine on tour in the UK. My girlfriend is a big music lover and I thought it would be good to see them as well. So what to do?
Well they were still touring in Europe so we decided to catch them abroad, and the place we decided on was Munich, Germany. This made my girlfriend very happy as we were going to see Florence and the Machine, and me happy because I have a special place in my heart for Germany and been to Munich several times growing up.
There was a slight snag that it was the week the new Star Wars film was coming out, The Force Awakens, which is was really looking forward to. But we decided it was probably best to book tickets for a few weeks after release anyway as it would be chaotic on release day and lessen the experience.
So off we go to Munich. We have a great time, I show my girlfriend round, see the sights, have lots of yummy food and appreciate how peaceful and content it is there. Seriously, thousands of bikes litter the paths and not one had a lock on it, you simply don’t get petty thieves there. You couldn’t get away with that in the UK.
On the second to last day it’s time to go see Florence and the Machine, and I cannot express to you I’m words how amasing this concert was. My girlfriend expected it to be amasing and she was blown away, so you can imagine how I felt, not having known what it was going to be like. It was and still is the best concert I’ve been too.
Following that unbelievable evening comes the day we travel back, but we weren’t flying until the evening. What would we do with the rest of the day? We’d seen and done everything that didn’t require going out for a day on public transport. Which is when I saw a Star Wars poster…
I laughed and joked that we should go see Star Wars in German, until I realised the poster was in English. Generic posters? I thought, not very helpful for locals. But no, there was an English cinema in Munich and they were showing Star Wars on the day of its release, today!
We seriously doubted they had tickets left, it being release day, but we went and found it anyway. They had tickets left, two tickets! This was amasing!
So we saw Star Wars, and of course it was incredible. As big a fan as I am it could barely not be.
As we flew home later that day I thought about what an fantastic holiday we’d had, a mind blowing concert and and amasing film. And then I thought of something funny…
Not being able to see Star Wars on release day in the UK, we had bought plane tickets to a different country and found the one English cinema there, just in time to grab the last two tickets too see the film! If that’s not being a die hard fan I don’t know what is…