Life Story: When Christmas gives you lemons….

You’re all ready for Christmas, food prepared, presents bought, decorations up (at least until the cat gets hold of them), what could possibly go wrong?

I’ll tell you what, at 8pm on Christmas Eve your oven breaks.
Yep, no heat, none whatsoever…it presents a slight problem for cooking turkey, amongst other things. Life threw a lemon at us. Lemons….lemons everywhere…
So what did we do? Well after a good few hours of thinking Christmas was ruined we put our sensible heads on and came up with a plan. And when I say we, I actually mean my girlfriend as she’s the cooking whizz.
What don’t we have? An oven.
What do we have? Two grills, 5 hobs, a microwave and a slow cooker. (We were blessed with quite a large oven being left behind when we bought our house, hence the extra grill and excessive hobs).
So apart from not having an oven, which one could argue is the focal point of any kitchen, we had cooking appliances aplenty. So in the words of Mark Watney*, we were gonna have to science the shit out of this.
The turkey didn’t fit in the slow cooker so I had to hack it to pieces first, sure it was gonna take 8 hours instead of the usual 3, but we’d eat, that was the main thing. Veg wasn’t a problem, we could still boil stuff on the hobs but the cauliflower cheese needed an oven. We also had to do stuffing, roasties, Yorkshire puddings etc etc.
Fun fact, if your grill is built into your oven and you leave it on long enough, it pretty much simulates an oven. Ok, not exactly, the temperature at the top is quite different to the bottom, so if you have more than one thing in at once (practically guaranteed at Christmas), then you have to keep switching things round and generally keep a close eye on everything, but it works!
So long story short, at about 6pm on Christmas Day we had a lovely Christmas dinner and we didn’t use an oven for any of it 🙂 take that bad luck!
*In “The Martian” (film)