Life Story: The Horse Incident

Today I’m going to start a series of posts simply called, Life stories. As you might imagine these are stories from my life, some are insightful, some are exciting, and some are just funny. Make of them what you will, one of my favourite things to do in life is collect stories so I’m just happy I can share them with you. Today you will hear the story of….The Horse Incident…

I’ve never liked horses that much, small ones are fine, but any that are taller than I am kind of scare me, they have such a large head and mouth, I just can’t help but imagine one taking my hand off. Ironic really since the biggest danger around a horse is standing at the opposite end and getting kicked.

So one day I was visiting a person of the opposite gender, a girl no less, and she asked if I wanted to see her horse. I wasn’t very experienced with girls at the time and was quite shy so I didn’t protest despite my reservations. She lead me outside to a paddock beside her house (this house was huge, it had a long driveway, land, outbuildings, the works) and unlocked a gate letting me into the field. This was where I made my first mistake, but that will come later.

She walked over to her horse and very calmly stroked him on the face, I slowly followed and she told me that he’s harmless. I’m not so sure but I buck up some courage and reach out for his face….nothing bad happens, he lets me stroke him and everything seems fine. Then he steps forward, that’s all, probably wanted to be a little closer so I could stroke him more, perfectly friendly, but to me it was scary. So I step back, again I stroke him and everything seems fine, until he steps forward again. This is where I made my second mistake, I stepped back again.

This time however when I stepped back I felt something sharp behind me, I didn’t have time to figure out what it was though because suddenly the horse neighed at the top of his lungs, reared away from me and sprinted off down the field. I was stunned, I didn’t know what had happened and my date didn’t seem too happy. What I hadn’t noticed when I came through the gate was that the fence around the paddock was electrified, and I had just stepped back right into it….while still touching the horses face!

I had just electrocuted my dates horse, through it’s face no less.

Needless to say the horse didn’t like me from that point on and there was no second date. My arse stung like crazy too…