It’s all about the story

Over the course of my life I’ve come to realise, at least for me personally, it’s all about the story. Stories being told to you, stories you are telling someone else, or stories developing before your very eyes. That’s what makes life truly special.

You may be surprised to learn that this comes from someone who as I child couldn’t read for a long time, my mum has told me the story several times of how she went to a parents evening and came home crying because they told her that her son couldn’t read. Which is why it still surprises her to this day that that same son constantly has his head in a book, likes to write stories and is always telling them. At some point something just clicked, my young mind suddenly realised what it had been missing and I haven’t looked back since.

So what kind of stories do I like? Anything and everything, my taste is quite eclectic, wherever I find a good story I grab it and hold on. Where do I find them? Well…

  • In books, obviously.
  • In video games. They have a very unique way of telling or creating stories. They tell them with their own narrative and enable you to be a part of them, and they create them with dynamic and interesting gameplay, which gives you stories you can tell other people, “You’ll never guess what happened when I was playing X-Com last night”.
  • In life experiences. Holidays, days outs, birthday parties, you name it and it has a story to it. Who doesn’t like telling their friends what they got up to last night or on holiday? That’s your story right there, and this is one particular area where I try and collect as many as possible (I do so love seeing peoples reactions to my stories).
  • In the world around us. Why is that building shaped like that? Who drew that graffiti? Why is that car’s bumper hanging off? Whether we find the actual reason for these things or invent out own it doesn’t matter, only the story matters.
  • In my life. Our whole life is one long story and it’s our job to tell it, maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll have children, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll divorce at 40, maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary. (Yes I stole that bit from Baz Luhrmann but you get what I’m saying).

It’s all about the story, finding the story, creating the story, sharing the story. So that’s what this blog will mostly be about, the story, wherever I find it.

Where will that be? Who knows, but I’m excited to find out.