Here I have listed all the games I have made and where they are available to download or purchase. Many of my tabletop RPGs are free to download or PWYW. This stands for Pay What You Want, meaning if you like my work and want to support it, you can choose how much you want to pay me for it. There is sometimes a suggested amount, but you can remove this and download it for free if you want as well.

Any money received will help me make more games for you all to enjoy!


Have you ever wanted to play something like Dungeons and Dragons, but found those games are too big, too complex and they take forever? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I create what are known as one page RPGs. And while I don’t always stick to one page, it’s usually pretty close. These are all designed to be easy to learn and play within an hour or two.

Cod Wars:

Download at – PWYW

The year is 1976, the height of the Third Cod War. You are a crew of fishermen from the northern fishing town of Grimsby. Despite Iceland’s expansion of its territorial waters, Britain still needs its fish and chips, and won’t take no for an answer. You must take your trawler out into disputed waters and bring back as many fish as you can. But beware, the Icelandic Coast Guard are on patrol and will use all methods at their disposal to stop you.

Abhorrent Aliens:

Download for at – Free

You are members of the crew of the USCSS Montero, returning from a supply mission to the outer colonies. You receive an urgent message from Weyland-Yutani, ordering you to divert to a set of coordinates and undertake a high priority mission. Your contract clearly states that you cannot ignore such an order, on penalty of total forfeiture of shares. Therefore, you begrudgingly change course. The crew consists of the Captain, two engineers, two science officers, and a synthetic. Also on board are four colonial marines, who are hitching a ride back to Earth after a bug hunt on the colony world. Together you are a strong crew, but where you’re going, it might not be enough.

Marvin’s Mysterious Temple:

Marvin has discovered a mysterious temple! He has hired you, a group of veteran explorers, to journey inside with him. You must find your way to the centre of the temple, retrieve the idol, and escape with your lives. But beware, the temple is booby-trapped, protected by guardians, and Marvin’s looking a bit twitchy…

Musical Multiverse of Mayhem:

You have entered the Musical Multiverse of Mayhem. A melodious realm where anything can happen and holding a tune may save your life. As you cross between the many realms of music, you never know where you’ll end up. Fighting for Independence in the 1700s? Under the big top in New York surrounded by curious acts? In an alley with a group of Cats? Maybe even in a strange animated land where it’s rather cold and people are always telling each other to let things go….who knows!

Napoleonic Nightmares:

You are infantrymen during the Napoleonic Wars. So far you’ve survived the gruelling experience, but something stirs in the dark. Recently strange things have been happening. Soldiers have been disappearing in mysterious circumstances, and bizarre creatures have been sighted in the forests and towns of the surrounding area. Your commanding officer has generally dismissed the rumours as nonsense, but to keep morale up they have sent your unit to investigate a recent report.

Pizza Parlour Plots:

Download at – PWYW

Welcome to New York, where for years pizza has dominated the culinary landscape. The city is filled with shops such as Al’s, Original Al’s, Real Original Al’s, or even Genuine Al’s. You each own your own pizza shop, and while you might not always agree, you have a common goal of supplying the people of NYC with delicious pizza. But now your monopoly is threatened by an upsurge in Calzone outlets. They are taking your customers and your territory. As fellow pizza purveyors, your only option is to put your differences aside and fight the Calzonite menace.

Reality Rupture:

Download for at – Free

You have been invited to beta test the latest top-secret VR technology at a hidden facility under the Rocky Mountains. Deep in a sub-basement, you are strapped into full-body VR pods. Your session takes you inside any fictional universe you can imagine, and lets you experience it first-hand. 

During your play session, everything suddenly shuts down. You climb out of your pod to find alarms blaring, emergency lights flashing and people shouting. As you open the door, you watch in horror as the fabric of reality rips apart in front of you, and a terrifying, yet familiar, creature phases into being. It proceeds to rip apart an engineer who was coming to your aid, then, as quickly as it arrived, it begins to fade from existence again.

As you recover from the shock, you realise something feels different. You can feel the same dimensional energy flowing through you. The rifts have also given you powers from other universes, if you can learn to use them, maybe you stand a chance of making it out alive.

Zealous Zombies:

Download at – PWYW

You are a crack team of zombie commandos who work for a quasi-government agency, taking on dangerous missions that no normal human could accomplish.  You’ve saved the world more times than you can count, and most of humanity doesn’t even know you exist. You are hard to kill, and you have the brawn, but the real question is…do you have the right brain?

Board Games

I’m still taking my first steps into the world of creating board and card games, but my hope is that this section will grow in the future.

Escape the Temple:

Download at – PWYW

Several groups of archaeologists, working together due to a lack of funds, have unearthed an ancient temple. During their explorations, they come across a treasure room. Upon touching the treasure, however, the whole temple starts to shake, and a great boulder rushes toward them. Their tenuous bonds suddenly shattered, each group races to escape, not wanting to be killed, or worse, trapped inside.

Note: This game is still in the prototype stage. As such there may be rules issues that aren’t explained. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Any money paid for this game will directly help me make it better. Create new prototypes, buy artwork, hire designers, etc.