Who am I?

My name is Ross Coulbeck, I live in Manchester, a fantastic city, and work in Software Development by day. By night though, the stories take over! I started writing stories probably in my late teens, early twenties. Mostly silly stuff and some fan fiction. Then one day I decided to try and write a serious short story in a world of my own creation. I was hooked. I had created a slice of a world that now became a universe all of its own and would live forever. What’s more awesome than that? Since then I’ve written many short stories in a few different formats and have branched out into games as well.

What I love about games is that they enable a spontaneous sort of storytelling that is entirely unpredictable and a lot of fun. No defined story can compare to the power of the human brain to make random events and narratives, but what I can do with games is give the brain some guidelines to help it form those ideas. I first came across one page RPGs when my friend told me about his podcast, GORM, where they played a new game each week (awesome podcast, go check it out). Before that point, I’d only been exposed to Dungeons and Dragons, which is fun but takes a lot of commitment. In one page RPGs you have a basic theme and mechanics, from which point you just let the imagination of the players take hold and run with whatever happens. It’s hilarious and brilliant!

What will I dive into next? When rumour has it I might be working on a board game…

Where can you find my work?

Online Store

If you’re talking stories, right here on my stories page! All in one place for your convenience.


I also publish some work through Amazon. Only a single short story, and a short story collection for now, but this will grow in the future as I finish larger works.


Itch.io – Games

So how about those games? Well, you’ll find them over on itch.io.


But if you want a quick overview of each one, you can also take a look at my games page.

How can you support me?

Simple. Read my stories and play my games! More than anything else I create for other people’s enjoyment. I work full time in Software Development and that pays the bills. My writing is more for pleasure, and perhaps a retirement fund! Some of my stories are free, and others are available for between 99p and £1.99. On Amazon, my short story collection is only £4.99.

My games are all either free or PWYW (pay what you want), meaning you give whatever amount you feel like.