Who am I?

My name is Ross Coulbeck and I’m a writer. I was born in Grimsby, and eventually moved to Manchester. I mainly work in Web Development, but writing has always been something I was interested in. In the last few years I have focused more on it, taken part in Nanowrimo several times, and engaged more with the community. I mostly write short stories and serialised fiction, usually one every month or so, but I am also working on a novel or two in the background.

Where can you find my work?

Mostly, right here in my shop! All in one place for your convenience.

However, I also have published some work through Amazon. A single short story, and a short story collection. You can find them here:


How can you support me?

Simple. Read my stories! More than anything else I write for other peoples enjoyment. I work full time in Web Development and that pays the bills. My writing is more for pleasure, and perhaps a retirement fund! Some of my stories are free, and others are available for between 99p and £1.99. On Amazon my short story collection is only £4.99.