Who am I?

My name is Ross Coulbeck and I’m a writer. I was born in Grimsby, and spent most of my early years there before moving to Manchester. I have 8 years of experience in Web Development, but writing has always been at the back of my mind. In the last few years I have focused more on it, taken part in Nanowrimo, and engaged more with the community. I write short stories and serialised fiction, usually one every couple of months, but I am also working on a novel or two in the background.

Where can you find my work?

A bunch of it you can find right here. I’ve released a lot of stories on here over the last few years, and more will appear as time goes by. I also have a Patreon though, that gives some additional bonuses for people who support me. Patreon exclusive stories are becoming more regular, and will include serialised stories that could one day combine into a finished book. Some tiers also include extra sneak peaks into what I’m currently writing, the ability to chat with me on discord, and even the chance to become immortalised in fiction!

How can you support me?

Simple. Read my stories! More than anything else I write for other peoples enjoyment. I work full time in Web Development and that pays the bills, my writing is more for pleasure, and perhaps a retirement fund! If you would like to support me monetarily though, I have a Patreon here:


As well as the exclusive stories, various tiers of Patronage give access to additional rewards, and all Patrons get to access to my stories in a selection of digital formats. All support given by my amazing Patrons helps me devote more of my down time to writing, and buy little extras like new writing equipment, and other resources.